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«Hygge is the most attractive way to have a happy life. The secret of happiness, peace, slowness, comfort and warmth. First of all, this is a mood. The feeling. Special condition. It is difficult to give a specific definition. You can only feel it.» - Mick Viking

Hygge house is a Scandinavian-style house, which is located on the picturesque slope of Mount Krasia, by the ski slope at an altitude of 850 meters. Our spacious house is able to accommodate from 2 to 5 people. We offer everything you might need for a relaxing and pleasant stay. The BBQ area will allow you to relax in a new way and have a good time with your friends or family.

The mountains are the place where the soul relaxes and all bad thoughts leave the mind. It is here that you can truly enjoy the view that will open to you from the bedroom, because the whole house is with a panoramic view. Enjoy a fabulous winter holiday in our apartments, away from the stress and tensions of daily life.

If you want to spend your vacation in silence, surrounded by comfort and coziness - Hygge house is waiting for you!

Wood House is a cozy chalet which is filled with the light and fresh air due to the walls of a natural wood house. Inside the house there is everything you need for a comfortable stay. This place is a great possibility to escape from the daily routine and enjoy a fabulous holiday.

Our spacious house can accommodate from 5 to 8 people. There are three bedrooms, a spacious hall in the house that will gather the whole family or friends by the fireplace. There are also a kitchen, two bathrooms, and a private steam room, where you can get an atmosphere of relaxation, tranquility and pleasure.

Chalet Wood House offers our guests a way of complete relaxation. A visit to the wood-fired steam room and a vat (hot tub). Our steam room is a great option to take a break from daily routines. We fill our steam room with the magical aroma of fragrant herbs. The sauna can comfortably accommodate up to 8 guests. While using a steam room, you can use our barbecue zone, drink fragrant tea with honey from the mountain herbs, or drink a glass of aromatic and warm mulled wine. After that, you can dive into the tub with flowing water, or in the winter you may jump into the snow


Our vat (hot tub) is a unique attraction where the soul rests and the body relaxes. A place where you can forget about fatigue and restore your energy. The vat can comfortably accommodate up to 12 guests at a time. After that you can dive into the tub with flowing, crystal-mountain water. While sitting in a vat (hot tub), you can use our barbecue zone, drink fragrant tea with honey from the mountain herbs, or drink a glass of aromatic and warm mulled wine. All you need is to come in a good mood because we will take care of the rest!

Prices and terms of using the vat (hot tub):

Where we are

Hygge house is located in the Velyky Bereznyansky district of the Transcarpathian region, in the village of Vyshka on the slope of Mount Krasiya. For the transfer details, please contact us.

Velykobereznyansky district


Mount Krasiya